Introducing Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

Digital wellbeing or wellness – the concept that when we interact with technology, the experience should support our mental and physical health in a measurable way…


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Welcome to your Community!

Welcome to your Digital Wellbeing Community, where you can find interesting (digital) wellness and health facts, ask questions and read about our updates. We are here to support you on your journey to achieve optimised digital wellbeing to ensure your work really does work out well for you.

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Need an excuse for more regular tea breaks during meetings and other work commitments? Tea can lower risks of heart attacks, type 2 Diabetes, certain cancers and Parkinson´s disease. What better reasons can you have to plan in some extra tea breaks throughout the day!

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Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness

This past year has been a real challenge for many of us, leading to big changes. Worldwide people’s lives have changed overnight without any time to get accustomed to what some have called the ´New Normal´. Nothing is as it used to be and we have been forced to stay...

Positivity is a superpower!

Positivity is a superpower!

Now the end of this crazy year is nearing and nothing has been the same, are you looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020? Where we all have been trying to find our way throughout all the restrictions, changes in personal and professional life and trying to deal with so many bad news reaching us almost daily, we are more than ready for a positive, more balanced 2021!



In this day and age many of us have heard of mindfulness in one way or the other. Being mindful and practicing mindfulness has become something many of us apply or may have been advised to do so at some point by now. But when somebody says they are being mindful, what is it exactly that makes their behaviour qualify as such?