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Step 1

Log in to Azure and go to the Azure Marketplace

Step 2

Find us using the search box by searching for ‘Flexxible IT’

Step 3

Select “Wellbeing” and click on “Setup + subcribe”

Step 4

Select your subscription, you have to choose a unique name and add users

Step 5

Review and click on “Subscribe”.

Step 6

Please wait whilst your subscription is created. This step may take a little while

Step 7

When the subscription has been created, you will be redirected to Apps2digital where you can create your tenant

Step 8

You will be given the user details and email, but have to name the tenant you have created. See the image where we have named our tenant ‘Contoso’

Step 9

Congratulations! You now have successfully subscribed and can start enjoying Digital Wellbeing!